evoJets Introduces Seven New Aircraft

March 15th, 2012 by

evoJets Charter has recently added new aircraft to our website! As new aircraft become available on the market and through our partners, evoJets is updating aircraft pages to help keep our customers informed. The new list of aircraft includes the King Air 100 and King Air 300, the Piper Cheyenne, Piper Meridian, and the Piper Matrix, the Diamond D-Jet, and the Cirrus Vision.
The King Air 100 and King Air 300 are turboprop aircraft, and seat six to seven and seven to eight passengers, respectively. They are part of the Beech King Air family and offer passengers luxurious and spacious interiors with a variety of amenities which make for a highly comfortable and enjoyable flight.
The Piper Cheyenne, Meridian, and Matrix are also turboprop aircraft, and all seat six to eight passengers. They are powerful but comfortable aircraft for short to medium range flights. The latest edition of the Cheyenne has become Piper’s luxury flagship and is also the largest aircraft ever made by Piper. It, as well as the Piper Meridian, provides a pressurized, air-conditioned cabin environment with comfortable seating similar to that found in more expensive planes. The Piper Matrix is an unpressurized but no-less-comfortable aircraft offering travelers luxurious space to stretch out and enjoy their trip.
The Diamond D-Jet is a very light jet (VLJ) which features a luxurious cabin and the latest in cockpit and powerplant technology. And the Cirrus Vision is a single-engine, low-wing, very light jet aircraft, which is comparable to the Diamond D-Jet in size and class. Both aircraft have comfortable seating for four to five passengers and will whisk you away in typical evoJets style!

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