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November 1st, 2011 by

The newest additions to evoJets’ online aircraft database are some luxurious yet inexpensive executive turboprops – The Beech King Air series. These fantastic aircraft are excellent choices for short private charter trips, around two hours or less. Some great examples of trips for which the King Airs are perfect options would be Denver to Aspen, Las Vegas to L.A., Manhattan to the Hamptons, and short trips within Florida. For flights longer than two hours, the savings achieved by using these aircraft begins to diminish, as they are slower than the otherwise more expensive alternatives available. Read on to learn more about the individual aircraft in the King Air Series.

The King Air 90 can carry up to seven passengers in its pressurized cabin with in-flight accessible baggage hold. Four passengers can sit comfortably in the aircraft’s club-seat configuration. A fifth individual seat is available aft of the club seats, and a sixth space can be made using the belted private lavatory. While a seventh passenger could potentially ride in the cockpit with the pilot, evoJets does not allow any flights with less than two pilots for safety precautions. The cabin’s shape is referred to as “squared-oval” and is known for its potential to increase cabin space. Refreshment cabinets are also featured aboard the aircraft.

The King Air 200 has basically the same fuselage and cabin, but with exterior aerodynamic changes and system upgrades. It comfortably seats six or seven passengers. The most recent version of the 200 uses electronically tuned vibration absorbers to decrease noise throughout the cabin and flight deck. The AirCell ST3100 Itridium satellite telecommunications systems is also available aboard many of the newer aircraft produced from 2005. All King Air 200s have increased cabin pressurization over the earlier series.

The King Air 350 typically seats eight passengers comfortably in a cabin nearly three feet longer than that of its predecessor. Its seats are often arranged in double club configuration with retracting worktables between each pair. Up to three more single seats may be added to the layout. The stretched cabin also includes two more windows on each side, making 14 total instead of ten. The King Air 350’s cabin features a private lavatory and built-in refreshment center. The latest development of this aircraft includes such cabin enhancements as the Rockwell Collins Venue integrated cabin management system, the Beechcraft FlexCabin system for easier cabin rearrangement, and reduced cabin noise.

Now that you know a bit more about each one, be sure to consider these superb King Air Series next time you’re looking to charter a private jet for a short trip.

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