Honda takes off – In a flight !

November 1st, 2011 by

The Honda HA-420 – The first aircraft available to the general aviation market to be developed by the Honda Motor Company. Which makes us wonder, what does Honda not have their hands in? The project ultimately started in 1986 when Honda began its research in Japan on both small aircraft and jet engines. Research continued on these aircraft up until 1999 which brings us to a total of 13 years of pure research and model building. Only in 2002 does Honda begin to conduct high altitude tests of the HF118 engine which continue all throughout 2006. In March 2008, Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. announced the expansion of sales of its advanced light jet Honda Jet throughout North America with the selection of retail sales and service representative for Mexico and a direct sales and U.S. service support plan for Canada. And now Honda has announced that the first FAA-conforming Honda Jet light business jet has achieved a maximum speed of 489 mph !

The new corporate jet is described as an “advanced light jet”. Sales brochures highlight better fuel efficiency, larger cabin and luggage space and higher cruise speeds than other aircraft in its class. The difference between the Honda Jet and other corporate jets will be in the attention to details. Honda Jet will be more luxurious, making the pilots and passengers feel like they are flying a sports car and not a sedan. Better design makes the Honda jet one of the most super efficient jets ever!

Honda has already completed its second FAA-conforming aircraft, which already has undergone numerous structural tests required for commencement of certification flight testing. While Honda enters the flight test program with its conforming Honda Jet, the company also nears completion of its aircraft production facility on its Greensboro campus.

Here at evoJets, we are more than excited for the release of the Honda jet to the public. For the past few months we have had numerous clients call asking about information and dates on when they would be able to charter this one of a kind aircraft. The overall consensus is that people are excited about the HondaJet, but then again, who wouldn’t be excited for an exceptionally fast airplane that burns less fuel fully loaded with state-of-the art technology and design, we sure are!

If you wish to experience a private flight in the HondaJet or any other aircraft, please call us on 877-970-5387 or Request a Quote for your preferred choice of private jet. For more information about evoJets, our founders and team, and private aviation topics, visit us on Twitter and Facebook !

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