Gulfstream Raises the Bar – Introducing the G280 & G650

April 9th, 2013 by

In an industry marked by cutting edge technology, boasting 60-million-dollar products, it is often difficult to introduce something new and exciting to the market. This year Gulfstream has done just that, and did it twice, with the all new G280 and G650. These aircraft will set yet another industry standard by the US-based leader in business aviation.

In 2005, Gulfstream began developing a replacement for the G200, which resulted in the new G280. Gulfstream set a goal for the G280 to provide a travel experience for groups of 4-10 passengers similar to that of a larger aircraft such as the G550. This Super Mid is now the fastest of its kind, capable of reaching some of the most remote airports in the world with its best-in-class range.

The New G650 is an industry leader in technology for performance, efficiency and in flight comfort. For example, the aircraft has an interior that can be controlled through a tablet or smartphone. Passengers can adjust interior temperature, amount of light coming into the cabin through the electronically controlled window tinting system, and each one of the 10+ multimedia screens without leaving their seat.

Building on their reputation as industry leaders in business aviation, Gulfstream’s release of the G280 and G650 raise yet another bar in all aspects of private travel.


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