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There is a never-ending flow of business traffic into and out of New York City. On the ground and in the air, commercial travel is a dime a dozen. But there is a better way to travel, which already puts you miles ahead of your competition before you even walk into your business meeting. Book a private charter jet for your next flight to NYC and you will arrive feeling refreshed and pampered, after a luxurious, relaxing flight aboard your private yacht in the sky.

CEOs’ most preferred aircraft for flying to New York to attend business conferences, meetings, and brokerages is the Bombardier Challenger 600 Series. Consisting of the 600, 601, and 604, this series offers a superb line-up of stellar aircraft with spacious, comfortable cabins and excellent flight times and distances. And one of the best things of all about flying by private charter is the ability to fly to and from any location at any time – the aircraft waits for you !

The Bombardier Challenger 600 typically seats eight to twelve passengers, but can be configured for as many as 18. The cabin’s design is wide and roomy, being one of the first produced with “walk-around” space. The aircraft has a fully enclosed lavatory and 115 cubic feet of luggage space. It is notable for having a rather quiet cabin with low vibration levels. There are six cabin windows on each side of the fuselage. The aircraft was originally designed for long range and continues to maintain this reputation day in and day out.

The Challenger 601 has newer, upgraded engines, with the same roomy, wide-body cabin and comfortable seating for about ten passengers, with alternate configurations for up to 19. The spacious cabin may include such amenities as DVD and entertainment systems, an air-to-ground telephone, and laptop connections. An enclosed lavatory and a large galley are standard. Many of these aircraft are capable of transcontinental range.

After several various forms of the 601 came the Bombardier Challenger 604. It offers basic performance improvements and similar cabin layouts but with updated luxury and style. Eight to twelve passengers will appreciate the large leather seats, low cabin noise, and stand-up space. Seating can be configured for as many as 19, with a variety of club-seating and divan arrangements available. The aircraft has seven windows on each side of the cabin. There is also a full service galley and spacious enclosed lavatory aboard, and the baggage compartments are accessible during flight. The Challenger 604’s transcontinental range and brilliant performance are facilitated by two General Electric CF34-3B turbofan engines and increased fuel capacity.

It is easy to see how any one of these aircraft can greatly improve your business travel to New York or anywhere in the world. The exceptional benefits of flying private charter far outweigh the poor quality of commercial flights even with first class seating. So don’t hesitate to book one of the Challenger 600 series for your next business flight – and you’ll be glad you did !

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