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Tee Off: Top Golfing Getaways in Scottsdale and Miami

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Golf is an intellectual game that requires planning and precision. One must calculate distances and wind speeds, then choose the appropriate club before placing the perfect swing on the ball.

As with every round of golf, finding the perfect golf getaway will require planning and foresight – courses with unique combinations of luxurious amenities, fabulous landscapes and the appropriate skill levels will create the perfect retreat for any golfer.

Here are some recommendations for amazing golf getaways:

Scottsdale, Arizona

Booking a charter flight to Scottsdale, Arizona is simple with evoJets. This desert gem in the southwest is packed with high-end golf resorts:

  • The Boulders – A resort with excellent nightlife, a superb spa and 36 holes to play. Ideal for the perfect weekend getaway.
  • Four Seasons – Complete with 5-star amenities and a top-flight golfing, the Four Seasons Scottsdale has plenty to offer even for non-golfers.
  • Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa – Spread across 27 acres of land with the towering McDowell mountains in the background of this marvelous resort and spa, the Hyatt Regence is definitely one of the best golf resorts available in Scottsdale.
  • The Canyon Suites – A luxurious resort with pristine beauty a well-designed 27-hole championship golf course. Lavish interiors and luscious exteriors, the Canyon Suites is nothing short of a stunning resort built in paradise.
  • The West Kierland Villas – This beautiful desert resort is renowned primarily for its 174 golf courses. Also available are top of the line spas and stunning vistas. The West Kierland Villas are perfect for extended golf vacations.

Miami, Florida

Typically renowned for its beaches and rich nightlife, Miami too is a good place for golfing enthusiasts to spend their weekends. evoJets provides charter flights to Miami, Florida, with state-of-the-art comfort and hospitality. Check out some of our favorite golf locations:

  • The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne – Voted as one of the ‘Top 100 Golf Resorts’, the Ritz-Carlton truly stands to its title and offers a 72-par golf course. Apart from the greens, the Ritz offers a splendid sports lounge and an extravagant spa.
  • Turnberry Isle –Turnberry Isle offers an 18-hole golf course featuring professionals conducting golf tutorials for amateurs. Turnberry Isle features a fitness center, marina, beaches and pools, and also a special section for kids.

Palace on Wings: The Falcon 7x, Redefining Charter Aviation

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

The Dassault Facon 7x
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Boasting cutting edge systems and next-generation performance, the Falcon 7X is among the most futuristic business jets in its class. The most technologically advanced aircraft of its peers, the Dassault Falcon 7x runs on a complete digital flight control system (DFCS), leaving other analog tools of the past behind. The manufacturing company of the Falcon 7x, Dassault has been building military jets using the same DFCS technology for 25 years. In essence, the Falcon 7x is equipped with military-grade control systems in the cockpit, which enhance maneuverability and offer better controls.

The Cockpit of the Falcon 7x
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With computers constantly monitoring the flight paths of the Falcon 7X, the aircraft can automatically change course while in flight if heading towards turbulence or inclement weather. As a passenger, there is no smoother ride than on a sleek performance jet that can avoid troubling weather patterns and even small pockets of uneven pressure in the skies. The Falcon 7x ensures smooth sailing and the ultimate in comfort for all aboard.

The Passenger area of a Falcon 7x
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Technical Specifications of the Falcon 7X:

Range @ .80 Mach cruise (8 pax, 3 crew, NBAA IFR reserves) 5,950 nm / 11,020 km
MMO (Maximum Operating Mach Number) Mach 0.90
Take Off Distance(SL – ISA, Max Take Off Weight) 5,710 ft / 1,740 m
Landing Distance (Typical)(FAR Part 91, 8 pax, SL, NBAA IFR reserves) 2,070 ft / 630 m
Approach Speed(Typical Landing Weight) 104 kias / 195 km/h
Max. Certified Altitude 51,000 ft / 15,545 m
Max. Takeoff Weight 70,000 lb 31,300 kg
Max. Landing Weight 62,400 lb 28,305 kg
Basic Operating Weight 34,272 lb 15,545 kg
Max. Fuel Weight 31,940 lb 14,490 kg
Max. Payload 6,000 lb 2,720 kg
3 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A – 6,402 lb / 28.49 kN ( Max Thrust, ISA + 17°C, SL)
EASy II Flight Deck (with Honeywell Primus Epic System)
Height 25 ft 8 in 7.83 m Cabin Length 39.1 in 11.91 m
Length Overall 76 ft 1 in 23.19 m Cabin Height 74 in 1.88 m
Wing Span 86 ft 26.21 m Cabin Width 92 in 2.34 m
Cabin Volume 1,552 ft3 44 m3
Baggage Volume 140 ft3 4 m3
Crew/Passengers 2-3/8-19


After its production in 2007, over 180 Falcons have been sold and are serving in over 30 countries. They have registered a total of 170,000 flying hours and are the longest running chartered aircrafts in the company’s history. For a trusted manufacturer like Dassault, such longevity and success certainly speaks volumes of this aircraft and the level of customer satisfaction it provides.

evoJets is the right place for you if you are looking to charter the luxurious Falcon 7X. Do fill our quote request form and we will contact you promptly to discuss your needs and preferences.