Setting the standard for communication, dedication, and professionalism in on-demand charter.

We do things a little differently at evoJets. Our team is smaller than the average jet charter company servicing as many clients as we do. We don’t have different departments for sales, dispatch, client service, etc.

Instead, we provide a more personalized form of service. Our agents are all-around aviation and client satisfaction fanatics, working to earn your business throughout your Evo experience.

Your evoJets Account Executive goes far beyond the role of a traditional jet broker, and when your flight is booked, their work has just begun.

Single Point of Contact

We believe that providing a single point of contact is a key component of successful client service. Your Account Executive is often the first person you speak to when booking your initial flight, and the last person you ever communicate with at the company.

Why is this important? Accountability. Our agents are trained extensively in all aspects of the private charter experience, and are expected to deliver best-in-class service throughout:

• Initial consultation
• Aircraft sourcing
• Contract preparation
• Payment processing
• Concierge services

We don’t compartmentalize the client experience at evoJets – our Account Executives manage the entire booking process from end to end, and clients have 24/7 access to their agents.

Our reps have a duty to earn client trust and build lasting partnerships. We do this by demonstrating a dedication to the success of our trips and by being available to clients at a moment’s notice.

Flight Following and Aircraft Recovery

Aviation allows for very few certainties. One of the only outcomes fliers can count on is that delays, bad weather, and mechanical issues are bound to happen eventually. Even the newest planes experience crew and mechanical problems that can cause delays.

Your evoJets Account Executive monitors all trips from start to finish, checking weather and airport issues, aircraft readiness, crew positioning, and every other trip detail on the day of your flight. Should there be an issue of any kind, your AE will take immediate action to alert you to the situation and proactively work to prevent delays.

Should your aircraft suffer a last-minute mechanical issue, your AE is the best possible chance for securing a new plane to do your trip. Without an industry professional versed on your trip details, it can be difficult or even impossible to find a new plane on short notice.

Concierge Services

When your aircraft is secured and all logistical details are finalized, your Account Exec becomes your Luxury Travel Concierge. We routinely arrange:

• Ground transportation
• Custom catering
• Hotel accommodations
• Dining reservations
• Access to exclusive events

Anything required for the successful completion of a trip is within the scope of our commitment to clients. View some of our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about our service.[/overlay]

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